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4 Signs a Patron Is Intoxicated & When to Cut Them Off

March 23, 2018
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TABC certification plays a very important role in protecting people’s lives. Part of being TABC certified to sell or serve alcohol is knowing how to recognize your customers have had enough and what to do about it. Cutting off intoxicated patrons can not only save their life, but the lives of people they may come in contact with. But do you know these common signs of intoxication?

Signs of Intoxication:

1. Slurred Speech

If you are bartending or serving alcohol at an on-premise establishment, one of the first things you’ll observe from an intoxicated person is what you hear coming out of their mouths. If they are struggling to speak to you or others around them, or grasping for a word that should be simple to remember, chances are they need to be cut off.

Slurred speech is a very common sign of intoxication, and is a huge reason why you should continually engage your customers in conversation while they’re in your establishment.

2. Difficulty Maintaining Their Balance

Sometimes noticing signs of intoxication might be as easy as watching a particular customer as they walk around your place of business. That’s because one of the primary signs of intoxication, and one of the easiest to notice, is difficulty maintaining balance.

If you see a customer bracing themselves on chairs to maintain balance, or if they stumble on obvious steps, then you better think twice before serving them a drink, unless that drink is a tall glass of water.

3. Slowed Reaction

Talking to your customers is one of the greatest tools you have as a seller-server. It’s recommended to greet your customers as soon as possible not only to provide great customer service but to get a baseline for their behavior. This allows you to notice any signs of intoxication they may be exhibiting from consuming alcohol or drugs prior to arriving at your place of business. It also allows you to monitor your customer’s behavior while they’re in your business and notice any changes as they consume alcohol.

4. Aggressiveness and Changes in Behavior

One of the surest signs that someone is intoxicated at your place of work is aggressiveness towards employees and patrons and changes in behavior. If you notice sudden changes in your patron’s demeanor or if they become aggressive verbally or physically, cut them off.

Intervening and Cutting Off Bar Service

While our online TABC certification course will help you with how to handle certain situations, taking appropriate action can be tough. If you see that a customer is drinking quickly, they may become intoxicated quickly as well. In this case, you can:

TABC On The Fly Will Have You Certified in No Time

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