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About TABC On The Fly

June 1, 2013
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With an increased number of TABC certification providers entering the market during the last few years, especially online, we have an even greater responsibility to you, our customer and trainee, to differentiate ourselves and tell you what makes us different. There’s no doubt we each offer our respective courses in an effort to communicate the law and cut down on the number of alcohol-related injuries and deaths, but if I put myself in your shoes (as I’ve been many times) I would care about the following two things:

First, I’m a restaurant guy. My parents weren’t restauranteurs, but I practically grew up in the business. I started washing dishes when I was 15 at a small family-owned Italian restaurant in my hometown of Georgetown, Texas. I only worked there a couple months, but it gave me a sense of respect for those who wash our dishes and clean our toilets. From there, I started waiting tables when I turned 16 and did so all the way through college, using my tip money to pay for tuition. I’ve had the privilege of working in all different calibers of restaurants, from slinging coffee and grits in a 1950’s-style cafe to pouring wine that cost more than my monthly rent to businesspeople and celebrities in one of our state’s highest-grossing steakhouses. I also managed for a number of years after college, most recently as General Manager of one of the most popular restaurants in Dallas.

Second, TABC On The Fly is truly a course that was made by servers, for servers. I created this company for a number of reasons, but primarily because I knew we could improve the quality of TABC certification. My team of servers and bartenders were always required to be TABC certified, but I could still see them making stupid mistakes and not truly recognizing what they had on the line in terms of liability. So when I decided to make this course, they were the first ones I spoke to. I asked them what they didn’t like about the current TABC certification online courses, and they all said the courses were boring, unrealistic, and didn’t teach them anything they didn’t already know. In an effort to turn that around and offer a course that is fresh, engaging, and realistic, we spoke to a group of servers and bartenders and incorporated their ideas and true stories into our script. When you take our course, you’ll find yourself engaged by the true experiences of others who have been in your shoes. What you won’t find are cheesy, unrealistic skits where we tell you to examine IDs for half an hour and ask customers every question imaginable to determine if you should sell them a drink.

The truth is, being a responsible seller/server isn’t rocket science … You just need to be trained on the real scenarios that you will experience during your career as a seller/server … and that’s what we aim to accomplish. Our training is fast, informative, and realistic.

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