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Anatomy of a TABC Certification Course

August 17, 2016
Anatomy Of TABC Certification Course

I get calls on a weekly basis from seller-servers asking what this TABC certification thing is all about. They’re usually new to the industry and their boss told them to get TABC certified. But what exactly does that mean?

Getting “TABC certified” refers to taking a course like ours. The curriculum is created by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the state agency that regulates the alcohol industry in Texas. The course can be taught both on-site and online, and TABC On The Fly is licensed by the TABC to teach both.

So what does the class cover? What is so important that your boss is making you get TABC certified? The course is broken into four modules:

– Module 1 covers the TABC Seller-Server Training Overview. This module discusses administrative information about TABC certification. It also covers important definitions that will be relevant in the other modules. Definitions like Alcoholic Beverage, Employee, Minor, Intoxication, Public Intoxication, and Criminal Negligence. Other important topics like your responsibilities as a seller-server, the intent of Texas laws concerning alcohol, and “Safe Harbor” are also discussed.

– Module 2 covers one of the most important topics of TABC certification, and that is Minors and Alcohol Sales. It is your responsibility as a seller-server to avoid alcohol sales to minors. This module discusses different scenarios you may encounter as a seller-server in regards to minors, observation techniques you can use on the job, how to properly ID customers, fake IDs, and appropriate intervention techniques.

– Module 3 is the other huge topic of TABC certification, and that is Intoxicated People and Alcohol Sales. Just like with minors, your responsibility is to avoid alcohol sales to intoxicated people. This module discusses topics like the Dram Shop Act, the Keys to Customer Observation for Intoxication, Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), drink counting, and how to cut people off.

– Module 4 is very short and discusses some additional topics like private clubs, temporary and promotional permits, and Public Entertainment Facilities (PEFs) like sports stadiums and arenas.

At the end of each module, you must pass a short quiz before you can move on. After you pass the quiz for Module 4, you’ll take a Final Exam. You are allowed 2 attempts to pass the Final Exam. Once you pass it, our website will immediately issue your official TABC certificate to you in PDF format.

And that’s it! You’re done at that point. Just print or email a copy of your TABC certificate to your boss, and keep a copy for yourself. You can always log back into your account on our website to get more copies as well. It is our job to upload your information to the TABC’s database within 14 days of you passing our course, but we usually get it done within a day or two.

TABC On The Fly is an official provider of on-site and online TABC certification approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. 

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