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Another Bar Bites the Dust (Maybe)

July 30, 2013
beer tap at a bar

Here we go again, folks: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that the TABC has filed charges against a pub, one of which is for serving a 19-year-old … So much that he wrecked out on his way home and was killed. The guy’s family is also suing the bar for wrongful death.

I could ramble on about how important it is for you servers and bartenders to not serve alcohol to minors, but I think the real message here is for you restaurant managers and owners. The lawsuit filed against the bar states:

“The bar failed to provide adequate training for employees to recognize the signs of intoxication and the dangers of over-serving, and it failed to require that employees attend beverage commission training courses on serving alcohol.”

I’m not sure what the relevance is of recognizing the signs of intoxication in minors because it’s against the law for the bar to serve him even one drink, but the sad fact is that this could have all been avoided had the bar’s managers/owners required their staff to be TABC certified. Not only would they have (hopefully) avoided their staff making the stupid mistake of serving drinks to the kid in the first place, but their liquor license wouldn’t be on the chopping block like it is now.

It’s pretty simple: Make all of your employees take a TABC certification course and the TABC says they won’t go after your liquor license if one of your employees makes a stupid mistake like this. Without a liquor license, you’re out of business.

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