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Another store clerk arrested for breaking laws he should have learned in on-site or online TABC certification course

April 22, 2014
1980s Convenient Store Beverage Fridge

Here we go again … another store clerk has been arrested for breaking a law that is hammered home in every TABC certification online and on-site class.

This time, the TABC sting operation took place in Hidalgo County, specifically in the city of Pharr which is in the far (pun intended) southern portion of Texas on the Mexico border. TABC agents hit up 18 stores across the county, but this guy was the only clerk who sold alcohol to a minor.
There are two primary lessons taught in every TABC certification online and on-site course: Not selling alcohol to minors and not selling alcohol to intoxicated persons. As we’ve said a million times and will continue to say, not selling alcohol to minors is the easy part. All you have to do is ask for an ID, examine the ID thoroughly and according to law, and decide whether or not to make the sale based on your observations. According to the TABC, a valid ID must:
If you think about these requirements, they’re very much based in common sense … You just have to make yourself do it!
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