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Another TX town tries to regulate alcohol sales; Online TABC certification an afterthought

December 13, 2013
Two Beers Toast

Once again some people are choosing to focus more on suppressing the mere appearance of alcohol rather than focus on the value of online TABC certification and following the law. Another Texas city council is proposing more restrictions on where liquor stores and other business that sell alcohol can be located.

The City Council in Marfa, TX met on Tuesday, and one of the items on their agenda was a discussion item regarding a proposed 300-foot buffer zone between businesses that sell alcohol and churches and schools. One City Council member and local businessman who is against the proposal, David Beebe, said “This ordinance is an effort to further restrict property and business rights that is unnecessary and counterproductive. Also, it allows for selective discrimination of business efforts by those in power.”

Regarding these restrictions, anyone would be hard-pressed to explain how forcing liquor stores to operate only in certain parts of the city creates a safer society. In fact, I’m not even sure that’s the argument. I’m not sure anyone truly believes some elected official is saving lives by forcing liquor store owners to operate out of eyesight from churches and schools. It seems like some people are more focused on the mere appearance of alcohol, rather than educating seller/servers and promoting responsible alcohol sales.


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