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City of Arlington needs a big dose of online TABC certification

January 4, 2014
Opening a beer bottle in driver's seat

Looks like the City of Arlington needs a wake-up call … Or just some hardworking seller/servers who will get TABC certified and put what they learn into action.

Recent data shows that during the last 2 years, 65 percent of fatal traffic accidents in Arlington were the result of alcohol or drugs. How does this compare to the rest of Texas? The state average is 40 percent.

Arlington police have put initiatives into place to combat this horrible trend, like no-refusal sobriety checkpoints and asking those arrested for DWI where they were drinking so those establishments can be tracked. Sobriety checkpoints have been around for years, but it’s a new idea for police to track where DWI offenders have been drinking. If the police hear the same restaurant or bar name enough times, then the information is shared with the TABC who can then recommend additional TABC certification training for that establishment.

Many things should be learned from this data, but you seller/servers should know that the City of Arlington, its police department, and the TABC will be doing everything they can to curb this trend, including revoking liquor permits and throwing people in jail if necessary. All you need to do is get your TABC certification and follow the law.

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