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Even Your Phone Has Its TABC Certification

September 26, 2013
Even your phone has its TABC Certification

Not sure if you’re drunk? Well now apparently your phone has its TABC certification and an app for that. The TABC describes its new Intoximaze app as a game that “requires users to draw a line between a start and end point without touching the walls and becomes more challenging as the user progresses through the levels.” The game strives to test your motor skills and response time as a means of determining your level of intoxication. If you strike out too many times, your own phone will be advising you to have a sober driver take you home.

In no way are we recommending you use this game to determine whether a customer should be served another drink, but we ABSOLUTELY recommend it if you’d like to have a little fun with your customers. Customer asks you for another drink? “Here, play this game.”
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