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Get TABC Certified, Carthage, TX!

January 2, 2014
Building in Carthage, TX

If you are a seller/server in Carthage, TX then your job is about to get a lot more interesting! And profitable, and enjoyable too … Assuming you get your TABC certification online, that is!

A proposition which initially failed in November and was overturned upon a recount of the votes has paved the way for Carthage businesses to apply for TABC liquor licenses to sell for on- or off-premise consumption. While the proposition passed with a narrow margin of 80 votes, at least nine businesses in the small town of only 7,000 residents have already submitted applications to the TABC.

It’s good to hear about yet another town removing pointless barriers that have kept business owners and consumers from buying and selling common products. As long as seller/servers are TABC certified and follow the law, then there’s not much argument for continuing to ban adults from purchasing alcohol. So Carthage, TX: Get your TABC certification online and sell up!

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