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Get your TABC certification and sell up, SMU!

October 10, 2013
Mustang Football Stadium

Southern Methodist University is considering applying for a permit to sell beer at its football and basketball games. My opinion as a Dallasite? Get your TABC certification and sell up!

I must admit that I didn’t realize alcohol wasn’t already being sold at SMU games. Perhaps that’s because I’ve never been to an SMU game, or maybe it’s because the idea of beer NOT being sold at college sporting events (football especially) just seems un-American to me. Certainly un-Texan. Yes, we all need to consider the impact on public safety, but I haven’t heard any critics of this proposal railing against the undefeatable tradition that is tailgating. If tailgating is acceptable, then consuming a beer or two while watching your favorite team play should be too. Of course those serving should be cognizant to follow the law regarding serving minors and intoxicated fans, but beyond that, this could be a huge revenue source for the university … So SMU: Get your TABC certification and sell up!

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