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How old do you have to be to get your TABC certification?

July 1, 2014
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TABC Certification Age Requirements

One of the most common questions I get when teaching an on-site TABC certification class is whether or not the TABC has age requirements to get TABC certified, and how old an employee has to be to do different jobs around the workplace in regards to alcohol. For instance, do you have to be a certain age to just be a drink runner since you’re not the one actually taking the order?

First of all, the TABC has no age requirements for students who wish to get their TABC certification. You could be 10 years old and get TABC certified. That doesn’t mean you can legally sell alcohol in the state of Texas, but you can enroll in a TABC certification course.


Seller/Server Age Limits

In regards to selling and serving alcohol, the age requirements laid out on the TABC’s website are really quite clear. Depending on the type of permit held by the establishment, there may or may not be age limits for serving/selling alcohol. The limits are as follows:
That’s it. Pretty straightforward. For you restaurant and bar people, this means you must be at least 18 regardless of whether you’re taking the order or just delivering the drinks.
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