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Justin Bieber pics spark TABC investigation; TABC certification in question at NOX Houston

October 21, 2013
DJ booth

Pics of Justin Bieber with a DosXX in his hand have surfaced online after he partied it up at a Houston club on Friday, and now the TABC is investigating how strictly TABC certification rules and regulations are being followed and whether illegal service was involved.

Apparently the investigation was sparked after an official complaint was filed with the TABC. If the TABC finds that Bieber obtained the alcohol as a result of illegal service by the club, then they could of course face heft fines, court hearings, and suspension or termination of their liquor license. The funny thing is Bieber himself appears to be in the clear … Various sources are reporting that he won’t face any criminal charges because he was not caught in the act.

We’d be willing to bet big bucks that Bieber had someone in his crew buying his drinks for him. Celebrities like him don’t just waltz up to the bar, fighting the crowd of fans on the way, and order a beer. And even if he did, it would take the most clueless, moronic bartender in North America to not recognize Bieber and his minor-ness. If this happened, and a bartender served a drink directly to Bieber, then I’ll let that bartender take our TABC certification online course for free. Because he or she needs it. That bad.

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