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Non-profit aims to teach parents same lessons as online TABC certification

December 12, 2013
Female Professor addresses Class

In our online TABC certification course, we really hit home the issue of minors and alcohol and how difficult it can be as a seller/server to make wise decisions when a parent wishes to serve their minor child an alcoholic beverage. While it may be legal for a parent or legal guardian to serve alcohol to their child, the advice we give in our online TABC certification course is to have a zero tolerance policy for minors possessing or consuming alcohol inside your establishment. It’s just easier and simpler that way. It eliminates any risk of liability and makes it even easier for you to know when to serve, and when not to serve.

A Texas-based non-profit organization called Next Step Community Solutions is setting out to remind parents and adults this holiday season that providing alcohol to minors is a really poor decision for many reasons. Not only could it lead to addiction issues later in life, but also legal issues for the adults and kids. It’s just not worth it. For anyone involved.

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