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Online TABC Certification News: Lufkin approves first distillery, then raids the owner’s house

March 10, 2014
Brewery Machines

Well, your online TABC certification news today hails from Lufkin and is a bit difficult to comprehend. In late February, the Lufkin City Council approved the city’s first craft distillery after holding a public meeting on the issue, to be located at 107 E. Lufkin Ave. The recipient of the permit, Bruce Love, laid out his plan for the craft distillery at the meeting.

Here’s the confusing part: Just last week, TABC and local law enforcement officials raided Bruce Love’s house, located at 1010 Woodland, after receiving a tip that he was running a “clandestine distillery” out of his garage. Agents seized around 200 gallons of finished product. Mr. Love claimed the equipment was for the approved distillery on Lufkin Ave., but the problem is he started using the equipment operationally at an unapproved location (i.e. his garage).

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