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Opening and Closing Procedures Your Bar Should Practice

September 23, 2021
Janitor mopping restaurant

Regardless of how spectacular your bar or restaurant is, a dirty glass or sticky table-top will force a customer to find another place to go for a meal or drink with friends. Customers look forward to an establishment that is clean, inviting and, oh yeah, clean! While a TABC certification can help with some procedures, there’s others that should be followed as well in order to ensure a clean and safe bar.


How to Present Cleanliness Throughout the Day

Keeping the bar up to code is great for the city health inspector, yet ultimately, a spotless place is for the patrons. In order to keep your establishment fresh, there are certain procedures your staff should follow, procedures that benefit everyone. Starting at opening, during the day, and ending with closing, a standard-operating-procedure checklist is helpful and makes clear to staff what the expectations are. This will keep your service staff accountable, functional, and professional.


Opening Procedures

Opening practices include maintaining the building, surfaces, glass and barware, inventory, set-up, and supplies.  Closing practices primarily encompasses cleaning. Here is a sample checklist of what your bar can do to guarantee a clean start to the day:

Opening Procedures (no particular order)


Closing Procedures

When it comes to cleanliness, closing up shop is just as important as opening for any bar, and your coworkers who are opening the following day will surely appreciate it. Here’s a look at some of the best closing practices your establishment can take!

Sample – Closing Procedures (no particular order)


Weekly Cleaning Best Practices

There are tasks that do not need to be done daily, but weekly should be completed. Some of these include rotating glassware, dust displays and unused bottles, dust neon signs, flush and sanitize keg lines.

Grills and prep areas should be thoroughly cleaned. Sweeping UNDER appliances and prep areas is important in keeping away pests.  Keeping drawers and cabinets neat and organized makes kitchen work quicker and efficient.


Learn Bar and Restaurant Opening and Closing Best Practices with TABC On The Fly

When your staff takes the Online TABC certification course from TABC On The Fly, they’ll be learning from people who have been in their shoes.

There is more to running a great bar than making quality drinks.  It is very important that the establishment itself represent quality through efficiency and cleanliness. Proper opening and closing procedures will enable your establishment to run well, run clean and be a success!

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