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Signs a Patron is Under the Influence of Rohypnol

August 5, 2022
Party Sips Wine at Restuarant

One of the most devastating things that could happen to anyone is being drugged at a bar and assaulted by their offender.

Unfortunately, over the years, date rape drugs have become a prominent issue in the bar and nightclub scenes. The most common and likely biggest offender of these types of drugs is Rhypnol, or “Roofies.”

This date rape drug can have major effects on the body that work quickly to leave a victim incapacitated and vulnerable to an assault.

Let’s look deeper into this serious subject and learn more about how quickly Rohypnol can work on the body and what signs you and your staff can look out for to ensure that all patrons at your establishment get home safely.


What Impact Does Rohypnol Have On the Body?

Rohypnol is an odorless, tasteless pill that quickly dissolves in liquid. It sedates a person, and eases muscle tension once it takes full effect. In a non-alcoholic drink, the drug can take effect within a half hour and last for 8 hours.

When combined with alcohol the effects of the drug are enhanced to dangerous levels and can lead to extreme drowsiness and amnesia during the time the person is under the influence.


Signs a Patron Has Been Drugged

There are several telltale signs that a person is under the influence of more than just alcohol. Here are some of the biggest red flags to look out for if you suspect someone in your bar has had their drink tampered with.


What Can You Do As a Bartender?

As a bartender, you should always have eyes on the people that walk into your door. Note who they arrive with and who approaches them throughout the night.

If you believe someone in your establishment is under the influence of a date rape drug like Rohypnol, there are several things you can do to prevent disaster from happening:


Learn the Signs of Drugged Patrons With the Help of TABC On The Fly

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