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Spotting the Signs of a Human Trafficking Victim

April 15, 2020
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According to a 2019 report from The Human Trafficking Institute, Texas is ranked first in the nation for human trafficking cases that made it up to the federal courts level. Each of the 74 cases involved either sex trafficking or labor trafficking crimes.

Obviously, human trafficking is an issue in our border state, and that’s why the TABC has decided to take a stand against these crimes against humanity by initiating partnerships with bars and clubs throughout the state, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human trafficking.


How Does TABC On The Fly Contribute to the Effort?

At TABC On The Fly, our aim is to keep our students updated on the most important information the TABC has to offer local businesses. One of the key priorities of our course is to keep your bar, club, or restaurant a physically safe space for patrons.

Unfortunately, sometimes danger slips through the cracks and someone visiting your location could be a potential sex trafficking victim. Here are some of the telltale signs that you and your staff should look out for and act on immediately.


Erratic Behavior

Recognizing problematic behavior is key to keeping your establishment safe in any case. However, there are some specific actions that could point to someone who has become a victim of human trafficking.

Some signs of erratic behavior your employees and management should be on alert for include:


Consistently Present Third-Party

If there is a person hovering over the suspected victim, take note of how they interact with each other.

Is the third-party in control of the individual’s funds for the night? Do they possess the individual’s identification? Do they prevent the suspected victim from speaking for themselves (via interruptions or translating)?

If you recognize some of these problem signs, it’s always best to go with your gut instinct and alert your location’s security of the suspicious activity.


Poor Health

Finally, even if someone who’s a victim of human trafficking is able to act normally and speak up for themselves, look out for these physical health signs that should set off alarms in your head.

Help Your Employees Take a Stand Against Human Trafficking with TABC On The Fly

Texas is an amazing state and we should all be working together to make the Lone Star State a safer place to enjoy a drink. If your employees need to renew their TABC certification, TABC On The Fly can help you get that done without cutting into employee’s hours! Our online course follows our student’s pace and ensures they learn all of the necessities on their own time. Enroll today and take the right steps toward keeping your establishment a safe space.

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