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Why TABC Certification Matters

November 1, 2016
bartender pours mimosas

We get it. You’re probably taking our TABC certification course because your boss is making you.  But why? There are many reasons why getting TABC certified matters.

First of all, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a job in Texas without it. While TABC certification is not required by law to sell or serve alcohol, the vast majority of employers require it. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry here in Texas my entire life, and every single one of my employers required it.

Second, it really is great training. There’s a lot of useful and valuable information in the TABC certification course. This information pertains to your criminal and civil liability, the liability of your employer, how to keep your customers safe and out of trouble, how to properly examine IDs, how and when to cut people off, and much more. It’s not all common sense. A lot of this information really needs to soak in for you to do your job right.

Third, your employer has a lot on the line and you being TABC certified helps protect the business. In Texas, there’s something called Safe Harbor and you’ll learn about it in our TABC certification course. Safe Harbor is a way for employers to protect their alcohol license/permit from being revoked if an employee breaks the law by selling alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person. To qualify for Safe Harbor protection the employer must meet certain conditions, and TABC certification is an important component of those conditions.

So that’s that. TABC certification and the topics discussed are important and should be taken seriously.

TABC On The Fly is an official provider of TABC certification approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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