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TABC Certifications At Test: TABC Conducts 930 Sting Operations Over Spring Break

March 31, 2015
Spring break party

TABC agents spanned out across Texas over Spring Break. This put seller-servers to the test to see if they would break one of the golden rules of TABC Certification: do not sell alcohol to minors.

TABC Spring Break Sting Operation

According to a TABC press release, TABC agents conducted a total of 930 sting operations over Spring Break. 92 of those stings resulted in minors being served alcohol.

While 92 stings were 92 too many, if it important to look on the bright side as only that these violations accounted for less than 10 percent of the stings. This means over 90 percent of the establishments put to the test succeeded in avoiding alcohol sales to a minor. The obvious goal is obviously to get all on and off-premise establishments to a 100% TABC compliance rate.

Help Fight Against Serving Alcohol to Minors by Getting Your TABC Certification

Although you’re just one server, bartender or clerk in Texas, you can still do your part to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors. Who knows, you may even save a life. This involves getting your TABC Certification so you are aware of the signs and laws.

To get your online TABC Certification today, contact TABC On The Fly to get started today!

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