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Two arrested by TABC at Tyler Applebee’s after laws taught in TABC certification course broken

October 23, 2013
Pouring shot into glass

In a case similar to the one we blogged about yesterday regarding Buffalo Wild Wings, a bartender and a customer were arrested by the TABC on Saturday at Applebee’s in Tyler, TX after TABC certification course laws were broken.

After receiving a number of complaints regarding alcohol service at that particular location, the TABC sent undercover agents to the restaurant and they witnessed the bartender, 28-year-old Meagan Higginbotham serve alcohol to an already-intoxicated guest named Matthew Brimhall, 24. The bartender was arrested for serving alcohol to an intoxicated person, and the customer was arrested for public intoxication.

The issues of serving alcohol to intoxicated people and public intoxication are ones that we cover heavily in our TABC certification online course. Why? Because as you can see from this story, they are situations you WILL have to deal with as a seller/server. But the most important reason why we hammer home these issues in our TABC certification online course is because they have a huge impact on the safety of your customers and other people who they may come in contact with. You may not think your job as a seller/server is that important, but you truly have the ability to keep people safe and save lives … All you need to do is follow what you learn in your TABC certification online course.

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