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Two more store clerks who desperately need our TABC certification online services

February 24, 2014
Gas station at dusk

Two more store clerks bite the dust in McAllen and show us how a TABC certification online course like ours can keep you out of jail and alcohol out of the hands of minors.

TABC agents conducted an undercover sting operation across Hidalgo County in late January, putting a total of 14 stores to the test to see if they would sell alcohol to a minor. Clerks at two different stores failed the test and were arrested on the spot, but here’s the kicker: According to investigators, both store clerks asked the minor for his ID, looked at it, and sold him the alcohol anyway. This can only mean one of three thing: (1) These guys looked at the minor’s ID but didn’t calculate his age, (2) They saw the DOB, calculated his age, but chose to sell to a minor anyway, or (3) These guys are really bad at math. If it’s number one or two, then I’d be interested to hear why they asked for the minor’s ID at all … seems pointless if you’ve already decided you’re going to break the law … but I digress.

Selling alcohol to a minor is very easy to avoid. All you need to do is check their ID. A valid ID must:

Appear to be valid (not expired, no obvious signs of alteration or forgery)
Be issued by a government agency
Include a physical description and picture consistent with the customer’s appearance
A birth date that is 21 years or more

As a licensed provider of TABC certification online and on-site courses, we provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and follow the law. It’s up to you to actually put that into action.

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