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Want to make some serious cash? Get your TABC certification online or on-site and apply at UT Austin!

April 16, 2014
Texans Football Player

Need another reason to get your on-site or online TABC certification? Because there’s serious money to be made!

We’ve written a few times recently about how universities across the country, both public and private, are starting to sell alcohol at athletic events. There has been much debate regarding the projected benefits versus potential risks. Proponents argue that selling alcohol during games will actually cut down on alcohol-related accidents, since there will no longer be a reason for fans to get tanked before the game while tailgating. Furthermore, we’re now able to see the financial benefits. It’s been reported that West Virginia generated more than $700,000 in alcohol sales. And if you seller-servers haven’t done the math yet, 20% of $700,000 is $140,000. That’s how much tip income is up for grabs.
Need we say more? Get TABC certified online or on-site, do your job responsibly, and make some money!
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