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What happens when you don’t follow your TABC certification course? People get knocked off their recliners. By cars.

October 1, 2013
Drinking behind steering wheel of car

That’s right. A TABC certification course like ours can ensure some good, safe R&R in the comfort of your recliner.

Next time you’re chillin’ in your recliner watching Breaking Bad reruns, ask yourself one question: How would you feel about a drunk driver crashing his car through your living room and knocking you off of said recliner onto his hood? You would probably be wishing that guy’s bartender had taken a TABC certification course and actually paid attention. Apparently that’s what happened to a Weatherford homeowner back in March 2012. The man who drove into his house had admittedly been served upwards of 18 drinks at Cutting Horse Bar and Grill and was driving erratically after having had a disagreement with his wife.

There are many mind boggling details to this story, but I find it particularly hard to comprehend (1) how someone could have such a lack of social responsibility and public safety as to serve a customer 18 drinks and then (2) allow them to drive. It’s like selling an AR-15 to a known felon and throwing in complimentary ammo … You could easily recognize the threat to public safety if you would just pull your head out.

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