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When online TABC certification can’t help

March 3, 2014

While on-site and online TABC certification courses offer Safe Harbor protections to permit holders when alcohol is illegally sold to a minor or intoxicated person, there are some things from which you can’t be protected … Like when customers open fire on each other and your bar becomes a murder scene.

It is unknown why the bar is being held responsible in this case, but Gamehaus Gastropub in McAllen, TX had its liquor permit temporarily suspended by the TABC after a deadly shooting in early February. A spokesperson for the TABC said it’s common practice for the agency to investigate if incidents like this are believed to be gang related or if there’s a foreseeable chance of retaliation.

According to the TABC’s standard penalty chart, here’s just one of the violations for which TABC permit holders can be held responsible:

Conducting business in a manner as to allow an aggravated breach of the peace with a serious bodily injury, death or involving a deadly weapon (as defined in the Texas Penal Code) in violation of §§22.12, 28.11, 69.13 and 71.09, Alcoholic Beverage Code.

So there ya have it. You have a duty to not allow certain things to happen in your establishment … Things like serving minors or intoxicated people and allowing customers to shoot each other.

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