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Yes, your TABC Certification can be revoked

August 22, 2016
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What the TABC grants, the TABC can take away. Yes, that means your TABC certification can be revoked under certain circumstances.

According to the TABC, your seller-server certification can be revoked if you are charged with breaking the laws concerning the sale of alcohol. And the length of time your TABC certificate is revoked depends on how many offenses you’ve had within a 12-month period.

For the first offense, you are required to take a TABC certification class and exam again to be re-certified within the first 30 days after the offense. In other words, the TABC says you must get TABC certified again within 30 days.

For the second offense within 12 months, the TABC treats it a little differently. Instead of making you get certified again, the TABC says you may not be allowed to get TABC certified again for 90 days. Essentially the TABC is making you take some time off from work since there seems to be an issue with breaking alcohol laws.

If you commit a third offense within 12 months, you may not be recertified for 12 months. As you can imagine, this will make it pretty difficult to find a job as a server, bartender, or store clerk during that time.

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