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TABC suspends Beaumont bar’s liquor license for breaking TABC certification laws

December 5, 2013
beer tap at a bar

The West Bar and Grill in Beaumont is facing scrutiny from the TABC and pending legal action after breaking TABC certification course law back in February.

After an investigation, the TABC determined the bar served alcohol to 19-year-old Sarah Comstock, knowing she was underage. After leaving the bar on her own, Comstock wrecked her car on the way home and her vehicle was subsequently struck by another vehicle. Comstock died three days later. After determining that Comstock was intoxicated at the time of the crash, the TABC suspended The West’s liquor license. They should be able to renew it after December 12th.

Although many details are still unknown, The West claims that Comstock had not only been drinking before arriving at their establishment, but that she was properly ID’d at the door. Now we don’t know the age requirement for entering The West, but assuming you have to be 21, it really raises some questions about what exactly happened and who is at fault. If Comstock presented a fake ID to get in, then The West obviously should not be blamed for serving. They could still be held accountable for over-serving, but that’s a different issue. On the other hand, if the doorman or bartender allowed her in and/or served her alcohol knowing she was under 21, then there is simply no defense for such an egregious violation of the law. This is what happened according to the TABC.

One of the many things our TABC certification online course teaches is that your coworkers, such as doormen, can assist in checking IDs. What you need to remember is that even though one of your coworkers may have already checked an ID, that doesn’t mean you can neglect what you learned in your TABC certification course. If someone looks like a minor but has already been carded, then card them again. If someone exhibits signs of intoxication even though they just arrived, then refuse service. You must always keep in mind one of the most important lessons we teach in our TABC certification online course: That the person who serves, sells, or delivers (that would be you) is the one responsible.


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