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Benefits of TABC Certification On Your Time

July 30, 2019
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There are many certification courses you can take to get TABC certified online. However, the majority of these courses require you to adhere to a timer that dictates how long you must take to complete the course material.

While this may be common, here at TABC On The Fly we feel like it’s holding applicants back from reaching their true potential.


Benefits of No Timer for Online TABC Certification

What sets us apart from other online certification providers is the freedom we present to our trainees. When you opt to go with TABC On The Fly, you’ll discover we don’t have a timer on our course and you have all the time you need to review the course material.

We think our method is both unique and helpful for our students. Check out these reasons why!


Less Stress

Since primary school, you’ve been bombarded with timed tests. The chances are, you experienced stress leading up to the test, stress during the test, and disappointment when stress had an impact on your testing scores.

At TABC On The Fly, we believe that something as important as a seller-server certification shouldn’t be left to chance. We don’t time our tests so you can go into the exam ready and stress-free.  Get certified knowing you’re taking your test based on your schedule. You can take as much or as little time with the course material as you need.

Are you new to the industry and have little or no experience selling or serving alcohol? Then take more time with the material and ensure you’re doing your part to make informed decisions, follow the law, and keep people safe.

Are you an industry veteran who has taken the TABC certification course a million times throughout your career? Then go as fast as you want. Review any changes to the law since you took the course last and move on with your day.


More Information is Absorbed

With less stress surrounding the test-taking process, there is more opportunity for you to absorb and prepare for the information needed to pass. During the exam, take your time and be positive that you are selecting the wisest answer for each question.

Not only is this information important for passing your exam, but it can also help your business:

Life is Able to Move On

If you’re taking a TABC or food handler certification course, then we know you are a hard worker and have most likely already started your new job in the service industry. With the power of taking your certification course and exam on your own schedule, you are able to let life continue without the worry of timing out of your test.

Get certified while keeping your shifts, covering your family needs, or even taking educational courses outside of your industry work. We are always ready to let you continue the course from wherever you left off.


Always Pick Up Where You Left Off

As we’ve mentioned before, there is no timer on our online TABC course! So, if you need to step away for a breather, simply log out of your account and come back whenever you want. When you log back in, you’ll continue the course exactly where you left off. This is a luxury that isn’t found in many online certification courses.


Get TABC Certified Today with TABC On The Fly

Don’t stress over timers while earning your TABC certification. Get certified in your own time with TABC On The Fly. We are a flexible, affordable, and reliable resource that helps you gain the knowledge you need to sell or serve alcohol in Texas. Our online TABC certification course was made by seller-servers, for seller-servers. Enroll today to get your certification process started.

Additionally, here are some of the top benefits of online TABC certification.

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