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Can You Drink Alcohol on a Golf Course?

September 28, 2022
Drinking on Golf Course

As summer in Texas begins to dwindle down, many golfers are eager to take advantage of the comfortable weather and hit the golf greens with their buddies.

As with most sports, having a beer or cocktail before, during, or after the game is a trend on the rise throughout the golfing community.

This begs the question: Can your guests bring their own beer or alcohol to play golf?

Let’s dig into this and review how golf course managers can keep golf courses compliant with the TABC Certification.


Use Your Own Servers to Avoid Trouble

In Texas, it’s illegal for golfers to bring their own drinks on the course. As a licensed server, your golf course will find itself in trouble with the TABC if it comes to light that players are smuggling drinks into the course (even without your knowledge).

While certain golf courses in Texas do allow guests to partake in alcohol during a round of golf, it remains their responsibility to ensure everyone drinking does so within reason. So, if your location allows drinking on the course, use your own beverage carts and servers to control how much a party has had to drink, what is served, and the general safety of the golf course.


Why Can’t Golfers BYOB?

While some may view golf as a relaxing game that should allow BYOB on the course, major golf courses and the TABC view this opinion differently.


Glass Bottles Are a Risk

Glass bottles are dangerous on a golf course. Broken glass poses risks that golfers may accidentally hurt themselves, damage golf bags or golf carts.. Glass bottles should not be brought onto the golf course.


BYOB Can Lead to Irresponsible Activity

Bringing your own [adult] beverages can result in overindulgence. It’s easy for a server to track how much alcohol players have consumed over the course of a game. However, when BYOB is involved, the lines literally blur.  You may not know exactly how much someone has had and when they’ve reached their tipping point.

Golf courses, like all other hospitality locations that serve alcohol, can be legally held responsible if a person drinking on the course acts out of hand, harms a person at your location or leaves your golf course drunk, gets in a car accident, and brings down the  Dram Shop Law on your location.


How Golf Courses Can Encourage Safe Consumption

While most golfers would say that the number of appropriate alcoholic beverages on the green depends on how much they impact the game, it is a server’s responsibility to ensure everyone they serve is drinking responsibly and not posing a threat to those around them.

Unlike a standard bar setting, it’s not as easy to determine when someone has “had enough” on the course. One of the best things you can do as a server is offer water sales that keep golfers hydrated as they enjoy their game and drinks.

However, if you notice that a party is getting out of hand, reach out to the course’s marshal and let them diffuse the situation or remove rowdy players.


Keep Your Alcohol Service Practices Up-to-Date with TABC On The Fly

Alcohol service is an occupation that can be enjoyable but requires the utmost responsibility from a server. It’s essential for anyone serving alcohol to stay up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations.

At TABC On The Fly, our online course helps you and your team of servers remain in compliance and serve safely.

Register today and get your TABC certification as soon as possible.

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